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We can offer a professional window cleaning service to clients of any scale in Keynsham, using a range of specialist equipment and our own expertise to deliver high-quality window cleaning in a variety of commercial spaces.

If you are looking for a commercial window cleaning service that you can rely on, our team are able to provide this, guaranteeing excellent service based on our own expert knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well-accredited commercial window cleaning business in Keynsham with a wide range of past clients under our belt.

We have operated as a team for several years and have managed to gather up a wide range of specialist equipment and knowledge to ensure a professional service every single time.

Our Team

Our team focuses on doing an excellent job for every client, tackling each window cleaning task as a bespoke process to ensure an excellent job in every situation.

We have a range of window cleaning experts in Keynsham working within our team who can take full advantage of our equipment, acting as leaders within our industry.

Our Service

We offer five-star service and results with every job we take on, as well as carefully planned window aftercare and attentive responses to clients’ concerns or questions.

Our team are always available to take on new clients in Keynsham, regardless of the window cleaning work they need.

Commercial Window Cleaning Cost Keynsham

On average, the cost of commercial window cleaning can be anywhere from £100 to £500 or more, depending on the scale of the project.

Commercial Window Cleaning Cost in Keynsham

What Influences the Cost of Commercial Window Cleaners?

Some factors that can influence the cost of commercial window cleaning services in Keynsham include:

  • The size of the building and the number of panes it has
  • The number of individual buildings that need cleaning
  • Situations that require specialised tools, such as cherry pickers or water-fed poles
  • The difficulty involved in reaching certain panes
  • The projected amount of time that cleaning the windows would take
  • Additional cleaning requests, such as cleaning out specific gutters
  • The overall complexity of the project and the kind of skills required to complete it
  • The difficulty in cleaning the panes, such as loose debris vs caked-on dirt
  • Other bespoke requirements, such as working within specific non-business hours

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning Service

The main benefit of a commercial window cleaning service in Keynsham is the fact that you get your windows cleaner.

However, some other benefits include the following:

  • Your panes will have an extended lifespan
  • Allergens will be removed, meaning greater health and safety
  • Commercial window cleaning saves time since your employees can focus on their actual job
  • More light will shine through the clean windows, boosting employee productivity and mood
  • Your building will look nicer and provide greater visibility
  • Professional window cleaning services are fully insured, meaning that any mistakes or damages are handled correctly
  • The panes will need less long-term maintenance due to the dirt being removed
  • Your commercial business buildings will offer a nicer first impression to customers due to better natural lighting

As a team of professional commercial window cleaners in Keynsham, we understand how important cleaning windows can be in a range of different situations. We work closely with different companies to give them the best possible results, meaning all of these benefits and more.

If you want to know more about how our external and internal window cleaning can help, contact us today and talk to some of our experts.

Types of Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaners like us are often tasked with different kinds of cleaning or have to work with a range of window types.

We are able to adapt to suit the cleaning needs of any commercial building, working to match your building type and needs.

High Rise Window Cleaning Keynsham

We can offer expert high-rise window cleaning, including window cleaning for taller buildings.

This includes both large-scale spaces like office blocks, hotels and schools as well as usually-single-floor buildings like supermarkets, restaurants and car dealerships.

We understand how to clean high-rise-style building window panes effectively, approaching the job in a way that will get the windows cleaned and ready with minimal wasted time.

Types of Commercial Window Cleaning in Keynsham

Facade Cleaning Keynsham

Our team can also provide facade cleaning beyond regular high-level window cleaning, offering our services to ensure that a commercial building looks as clean as possible for customers.

Our expertise and skills allow us to approach facade cleaning from a reliable starting point.

As a fully insured team of professional window cleaner experts, we are able to match the client’s needs without putting their building at any kind of risk.

What is Commercial Window Cleaning?

Commercial window cleaning is a collection of service options focused on cleaning window panes on company property, usually with pure water and cleaning solutions.

A major focus is on the quality of the end result and the safety of the cleaners, especially with taller buildings that require specialised tools to clean effectively.

High Rise Window Cleaning Equipment Keynsham

We can bring a range of high-level window cleaning equipment to each job we take on, choosing the right gear to assist with cleaning any kind of building. Our high-level cleaning equipment includes:

  • Ladders of varying lengths
  • Long Reach Poles, mainly pure water-fed poles
  • Water Fed Brushes
  • Access platforms, such as cherry pickers
  • Abseiling equipment
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Specialised tools for cleaning gutters and other specific areas


What Do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows?

Professional window cleaner services like our own make use of a range of specialised equipment, as well as carefully prepared cleaning formulas that are meant to avoid the typical streaks and stains of lower-quality cleaning substances.

We also use a range of both modern and traditional window cleaning equipment, such as traditional window cleaning ladders and poles alongside powered access platforms.

How Do High-Rise Window Cleaners Get Down?

High-rise window cleaners often use a harness system and a roof anchor to scale the building.

This lets commercial window cleaners easily clean the window panes without putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

commercial window cleaning company in Keynsham

How Do They Clean 20 Feet High Windows?

Commercial window cleaners like ourselves tackle tall window panes in one of two ways – either using telescoping cleaning equipment or a roof anchor that allows us to scale the window while being suspended off the ground.

In either case, our services allow us to clean both tall ground-floor window panes and panes that are higher up on a taller building.

How Often Do High-Rise Windows Get Washed?

Most high-rise windows are washed between once per month and twice per year, depending on what different companies prefer and how dirty the windows are likely to get.

This is quite a wide range of time since there is no “true” answer. It all depends on the rate at which the windows get dirtier.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a High-Rise Window?

Depending on the scale of a building, a high-rise cleaning service could take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to 40 days or more.

This all depends on how fast the services are and whether or not the building itself is easy to clean.

Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

  • Work at Height Regulations 2005 – working at height must be properly planned
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 – access equipment must be maintained and inspected properly


We can offer a huge range of reliable and fully insured window cleaning services, providing minimal-risk service that focuses on what the customers want first and foremost.

No matter what kind of building your company is situated in, our services in Keynsham can get your building cleaned reliably.

If you want to know more about what we can do for each customers company premises or just want a price quote for our service, contact us to learn more.

Our experts can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of cleaning windows at your company.

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